Secrets Keep You Sick - Interview with Yvette Salva


In an exclusive interview, Yvette Salva delves into the powerful notion that secrets can corrode mental and emotional well-being. She uncovers the hidden costs of silence, advocating for the transformative power of openness and vulnerability. Through candid insights, Salva invites us to embrace truth as a pathway to healing and resilience.

Booze, Blow, and Pancakes with Yvette Salva


With Special Guest Yvette Salva, Chad interviews Yvette on how she has overcome booze, blow and food addiction to become a life coach, a fitness studio owner and now an author. A true inspirational story from thinking she was going to die to now inspiring others to a mindset reset!

Personal Journey and Recovery Towards Different Kinds of Addiction


During childhood, we learned the importance of self-love, and indeed, we genuinely loved ourselves without considering the idea of not doing so. However, as we age, our perception of beauty changes, leading us to conform to societal norms to feel attractive.

That is the story of our guest for this episode, Yvette Salva. She came from Spain and migrated to the USA in her teenage years. She didn’t feel she belonged and was doing a lot of things to prove that she belonged. In that process, she became addicted to an eating disorder, progressing from anorexia and bulimia to alcohol and then drug addiction. She hit rock bottom and thought to herself that she was done.

This episode offers valuable insights into overcoming challenges, showcasing Yvette’s journey from adversity to achieving what she once deemed impossible. Now living her dream, she not only embodies personal success but also uplifts and empowers women to become the best versions of themselves.